Modify the properties of a job

job_modify(jobname = NULL, newname = NULL, description = NULL,
  owner = NULL, status = NULL, priority = NULL, path = NULL,
  tags = NULL, url = NULL, delete = FALSE)



the current name for the job


the new name


the new description


nick name for the new owner


the new status


the new priority


the new path to the job folder


string with tags (uses | as separator)


string specifying url


should this job be deleted (default = FALSE)


The role of the job_modify() function is to change one or more parameters of an existing workbch job. It can be called in two ways, interactively or programmatically. To call the function interactively, R must be in interactive mode and the function should be called specifying either the jobname argument only, or no arguments specified. If no jobname is specified the job_modify() function will attempt to guess the current job by looking at any open RStudio projects. If no project is open or the RStudio API is not available it attempts to guess by looking at the working directory

When called interactiely, the user will be presented with a sequence of prompts, asking them to specify each of the parameters that define a job (e.g., a character string for descripton, a number for priority). When used interactively, you do not need to include quote marks when entering a string: job_modify() will coerce the input to the appropriate format, and then append the created job to the job file.

When called programmatically, the user must specify the arguments in the call to job_modify(). Onlt the jobname argument is mandatory. To rename an existing job the newname argument should be specified. To modify description, owner, status, priority, path, tags or urls the relevant argument shoul be specified.

The status of a job should be "active", "inactive", "complete", "abandoned" or "masked". The priority for a job should be a positive integer: the intent is that priority 1 is the highest priority, followed by priority 2, and so one. The tags for a job can be specified as a single string, using | as a separator character (e.g., tags = "research | statistics" would create two tags for the job). The path should specify the location of a folder containing the project files. The format for urls is the same as for tags. For example to specify a GitHub link one might write urls = "github \". Multiple URLs can be specified by extending this syntax using | as the separator. For example: urls = "github \ | docs |".

Setting delete = TRUE will delete the job.